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 {OPEN} Lycans thread for beginners

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{OPEN} Lycans thread for beginners Empty
PostSubject: {OPEN} Lycans thread for beginners   {OPEN} Lycans thread for beginners EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 2:31 pm

Okay, Lycans are an original idea of Dragon's, so, yeah. All info on Character Sheet! Razz
If you're new to roleplay, you're welcome to post here and learn how!

Tristan sighed heavily as he wheeled himself inside of the local bar...the one where all this crap began. Muttering several curse words under his breath, he made his way to the table, pulling out some money and tossing it onto the table before unhooking the latch on his guitar case (which was held on with bubblegum) and quietly slipped the instrument out before tuning and swiftly beginning to play. He looked up with a start as he noticed a stout waiter looking at him curiously. What do you want? I'm not poisonous...Ugh, just get me a six pack of Budweiser, he snarled, dropping his gaze back to the guitar before shaking himself off, straightening his leather jacket and Beatles tee with the single motion.

{OPEN} Lycans thread for beginners Canisseriessignaturetristan
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{OPEN} Lycans thread for beginners
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